“How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts! My soul longs, and faints for the courts of the Lord: my heart and my flesh have exulted in the living god. (Ps 84:1-2)”

Our beloved congregation of the church of Archangel Raphael and Saint Marina in Burlington….

We would like to announce for the great news that God Has granted us all, by the acceptance of the offer for the building that we announced about earlier this year ( at Blair Road ) to be our future church!

Our bishop His Grace Anba Mina is encouraging now everyone to act accordingly to secure the down payment we are looking for to complete this transaction.

Please spread the word to each and everyone to get the blessings of participating in establishing a new church.

All funds collected are directed ONLY to the church bank account.

All cheques and donations should be by the name of our church;
Archangel Raphael and Saint Marina

Coptic Church in Burlington

All donations will be given TAX RECEIPT for your Tax return

The dream will come true soon through your prayers and support

We need also to encourage our kids to love the church and help in different ways to be part of that.

They can even help in different services in our church:

+Serving in Sunday school
+Arranging stuff at church
+Encouraging other younger kids
+Kitchen and food services

Any other ideas that you may have in mind too

Please pray to God to continue what He started already ….

God bless you all